• Thursday, October 5, 2023

New cPanel pricing end of 2023

cPanel strikes again. The past 2 price increases, along with the unfair pricing and licensing structure that hit us all hard in 2019, were not enough for the new’ish owners of cPanel. The above information remains true (yet with higher pricing) but, unfortunately, and with even greater disappointment, cPanel has once more increased their pricing and it will come into effect on January 1, 2024.


cPanel, the hosting management platform, has announced a change in prices. The new prices will come into effect from January 1st 2024.  This price increase by cPanel will be its 5th hike in a period of 5 years and the prices have increased by almost 9- 10%. It is expected that the prices will continue for the entire year of 2024. The company informed its partners about the price rise via email. The below image shows the new license prices for partners.

cPanel increasing prices by 10%

Similarly to last year, prices are again surging up by about 9-10%!

In their official release statement, cPanel announced that these changes will be coming into effect from the 1st of January 2024 and will remain relevant for the entirety of the year!

Here is the updated pricing table:


Old Price

New Price

cPanel Solo (1 account)



Admin (up to 5 cPanel accounts)



Pro (up to 30 cPanel accounts)



Premier (up to 100 cPanel accounts)



Bulk (every account over 100 cPanel accounts)



As it can be seen, all plan prices have gone up by about 10%!

Pricing changes for cPanel Partners (NOC)

All cPanel partners are also notified of these changes. Here is how NOC prices are going to be affected:


Old Price

New Price

cPanel Solo (Cloud)



cPanel Solo (Metal)



Admin (up to 5 accounts)



Pro (up to 30 accounts)



Plus (up to 50 accounts)



Premier (Cloud) (up to 100 accounts)



Premier (Metal)



Premier Bulk (Cloud)



Premier Bulk (Metal)



As it can be seen, all plans have once again seen an increase of 10%.



In its mail to partners, cPanel said, We are contacting you today to notify you of a pricing adjustment that will affect your existing account, subscriptions, or services. We realize that any price change directly influences your business, so we aim to provide transparency as soon as possible. There is no action you need to take at this time. The pricing adjustment will be applied automatically from January 1st, 2024.”

In 2023, cPanel had introduced features that included Team Manager, a feature that allowed the user to distribute the management roles safely and securely to other team members, without having to share their own login credentials. It also introduced a product that allowed users to scale out on websites enabling them to handle a sudden surge in demand with failover benefits.

In 2024, cPanel plans to further incorporate features the will enhance their services offerings. It promises to enhance the overall performance of the website and server by providing better security and server monitoring. cPanel also plans to provide additional support for various Operating Systems.

Regarding the upcoming pricing adjustment, cPanel has assured partners that no immediate action is required, as the changes will seamlessly take effect starting January 1st, 2024. It’s important to note that the impact of this adjustment will eventually be felt by the customers of these service providers. With a series of new updates slated for release this year and an array of features planned for the future, cPanel is encouraging users to seize the opportunity to optimize their online presence. This proactive approach promises to empower businesses and individuals alike to unlock their full digital potential.


cPanel changes & new features that are coming in 2024

In addition to these changes in the pricing structure for the cPanel licenses, the software panel’s development is continuing to surge with some notable new features being introduced.

Over the last year, the cPanel team has been working on creating a more modern interface as well as a team management platform that has a native site builder. Additionally, they also mentioned that they were working on integrating powerful monitoring tools.

Moreover, cPanel also stated that they are continuously improving their security measures, making changes to existing protocols in order to fight against issues that originate from third-party software components!