• Monday, April 18, 2022

Weekly Changelog - 18 April 2022: Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • added: new HSTS Preload option when enabling HSTS using Advanced SSL


  • added: user can edit existing Supervisor job in the server


  • fixed: fail2ban page stuck on loading

Support Ticket

  • improved: now user can re-open a closed ticket
  • improved: now user can close an open ticket

Security Audit

  • fixed: potential XSS vulnerabilities in the Cloud panel

Laravel Octane

  • improved: add the proxy header for Octane as standard practice


  • improved: add extra information on the "Unable to communicate" error message from the agent


  • OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.15 is available for all OpenLiteSpeed servers

A Known OpenLiteSpeed-related Issue Causing Server Downtime Has Now Been Fixed

A recent update to CloudServers introduced a bug that had the potential to affect servers running on OpenLiteSpeed. This has now been patched and servers should be up & running. If you experience issues with a server running OpenLiteSpeed, please reach out to support.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.