• Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Changelog - 13 October 2021: Performance Update, WordPress Improvements, AutoSSL

Performance Update

Performance is one of our main focuses. Our team has improved performance for the Nginx server from the server side. During our internal testing, we can see web app performance increase from 20% to 50%

Currently, this performance update is fully available for new deployed Nginx server, starting from 4 October 2021. We are still working to make this performance update also available on the existing server in the near future.


  • improved: improve stability of cloning & staging features
  • improved: skip DEFINER on database cloning, to prevent database cloning stuck because of DEFINER presence in your database
  • fixed: global notification sometimes is the not correct order for ongoing staging/cloning progress 

Cloning&Staging (WordPress)

  • improved: add support for WordPress multisite network
  • improved: double-check if WordPress wp-config.php has been updated properly with the new cloned/staging database info before updating domain URLs
  • improved: update Wordfence WAF path during staging & cloning. we fully support Wordfence WAF now
  • improved: regenerate Elementor CSS cache files during staging, cloning, and general settings update, and primary domain update.
  • improved: generate .htaccess automatically when cloning from Native Nginx to Openlitespeed, to prevent the 404 issues.
  • improved: minimize staging/cloning issue because of WordPress theme/plugin conflict
  • improved: temporarily disable object cache & must-use plugins during cloning/staging process
  • improved: handle if wp-config.php is placed outside of web app RootPath
  • improved: handle if wp-config.php or Bedrock .env file is a symlink, especially when you use custom deployment in RunCloud
  • improved: handle custom Bedrock deployment structure, especially when you use custom deployment in RunCloud
  • improved: handle mixed content HTTP/HTTPS in the database during cloning/staging
  • improved: automatically update DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE, WP_HOME, WP_SITEURL, COOKIE_DOMAIN constants if they exist in the wp-config.php file
  • improved: automatically trying to clear the cache of your WordPress site after the cloning/staging process is finished

WordPress Canvas 

  • improved: improve stability of WordPress Canvas feature
  • improved: allow the user to choose to activate the plugin from the WordPress repository 
  • improved: allow the user to choose to activate custom theme/plugin (ZIP file link)
  • fixed: allow the user to use plain (empty) permalink


  • new release: OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.14
  • fixed: previously you could not add a new wildcard domain in OpenLiteSpeed, now you can add it again. It is when you add a new domain to your app, but a wildcard domain, not by using our domain v2 feature where you can enable wildcard in your domain.

PHP Version (Nginx Server)

  • PHP 8.0.10 (Nginx)
  • PHP 7.4.23 (Nginx)
  • PHP 7.3.30 (Nginx)

Note: For OpenLiteSpeed, the PHP version update is not handled. Once PHP version update is available in OpenLiteSpeed, it should be updated automatically in your server.


  • improved: LetsEncrypt SSL deployment retries has been increased from 24 hours (1 day) to 72 hours (3 days)
  • improved: When AutoSSL is active, previously it is available only when adding a new domain, now it is available also when you deploy LetsEncrypt SSL for the existing domain.