• Friday, August 27, 2021



We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

As announced earlier, we would like to remind you that we would be revising the price of.COM due to the increase in cost from the registry. This revision will come into effect on August 31st, 2021.

You should also be aware that the registry for.COM, Verisign, is allowed to increase prices by 7% for each of the next three years as well. So, don’t miss out on this last chance to take advantage of the current prices of.COM and save more by renewing your domain names for a longer period before August 31st, 2021...

We recommend that you reach out to your customers and sub-resellers informing them about the price change since we do not contact your customers or sub-resellers for announcements. Please also note that we will not be making any changes in your selling prices. Hence, we urge you to apply appropriate prices to your customers and sub-resellers post the price hike.

New prices effective August 31st, 2021:



Feel free to reach out to us at clientrelations@indianserverhosting.com in case you have any queries.